Philippe Fabre Photography and Films: Blog en-us Philippe Fabre Photography and Films [email protected] (Philippe Fabre Photography and Films) Thu, 25 May 2023 05:19:00 GMT Thu, 25 May 2023 05:19:00 GMT Philippe Fabre Photography and Films: Blog 120 120 My first Armenian Orthodox baptism in Alexandria When I accepted to document Lara's baptism a few years ago, little did I know about the Armenian Orthodox Church in Alexandria.  I was awestruck by the beauty of the church and the richness of the baptism rituals.  The shrine is magnificent and it is where most of the ceremonial prayers will take place.  The baptism with water is performed in an adjacent room in front of all the guests.  As I'm writing this blog and trying to depict the rites and rituals around Lara's christening, I am reminded that when all is said and done, the heavens rejoiced as Lara was reunited with our Lord and Savior.  I'm thankful to have been called to do this and be a small part in the single most important event in her life.

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A baptism tale at the monastery of Saint Mina The Monastery and Cathedral of Saint Mina is one of the most famous monasteries in Egypt and is dedicated to Menas of Egypt, one of the most well-known Coptic saints in the East and the West, due to the many miracles that are attributed to his intercession and prayers.  It is a very sought out blessing for many to celebrate the baptism of their child at the Cathedral.  It was with much anticipation and excitement that I accepted the invitation of Dina and Karim to document the baptism of their precious Alexandrine at the monastery's cathedral.  Out of the special bond that united mommy and daddy, one could feel an outpour of unconditional love and tenderness for baby Alexandrine.  On this day, Alexandrine received a precious and eternal gift, and I was blessed to be able to tell this part of her story.



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A serene baptism at the Jesuits in Alexandria The Jesuits Cultural center in Alexandria has been a welcoming home for me when I landed in Egypt 10 years ago.  It is there that I made the acquaintance of so many of my Egyptian friends and it is also the place where I received the most relevant and soul piercing spiritual advice that would completely change my life.  So I was over the moon when my dear friends Karine and Bassem invited me to the christening of their son Daniel at the Jesuits.  The baptism was performed according to the Catholic rite, in the presence of close friends and family.  Bassem is a musician and I was touched when he picked his guitar and joined mommy, little Daniel and the small choir of friends gathered for the baptism for a few hymns.  I’m so thankful for this day full of serenity and wish this beautiful family, my dear friends, a blessed life. Below you will find just a few of my favorite moments of the ceremony.  Cheers everyone!

The Jesuits Cultural center has a very diverse and open cultural presence in Alexandria.  If you are visiting Alexandria, you should definitely check their calendar of events to see what they’re up to and find a reason to visit them.  You can find them online here

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The Baptism: A surreal experience Witnessing the baptism of your child is quite an experience.  But seeing the photos of the ritual is simply mesmerizing and surreal!  I am grateful to have been the storyteller of many baptisms where I was called to photograph and film a large variety of such ceremonies, according to a plethora of rites and rituals, all to fulfill one of the Holy sacraments of the Christian faith, to be united with Christ and the Church.  

Baptisms are performed using water, from a little over the head to complete immersion, offering beautiful photo opportunities and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

I love so many things about the baptism ceremony: the priestly garments, prayers over the water,  incense filled room, the sacred oil(s), the beauty and power of watching a baby going under water and coming out as a child of God.  I am devoted to giving to the family a unique perspective of an event which will forever change the life of their little one.

I can help in documenting this life-altering milestone in the life of your family.  Here are a few of my favorite moments. Enjoy!


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Architectural photography: My fun paid assignment The Stanley bridge is one of Alexandria's landmarks. Anyone who visits the city needs to have more than a few photos taken with the bridge. I was no different. As a hobbyist photographer a few years back, it was on my bucket list of stuff to try my lens at in Alexandria. My friends from work, Jo, Mo and myself would set out over the weekend to get "the" shot. Although we were pretty happy with the photos in general, when I look back at these days, what stands out is the quality time around shisha and 'chai zerda' (mint tea) talking camera gear and settings at the end of the day.  This week-end was slightly different: I was about to get paid for something we used to do just for fun!

Armed with his professional camera, his 12 lenses (from which he will only use one!), tripod and 17.5 pockets trousers, THIS dude was commissioned by an engineering consultancy multinational to photograph the bridge for promotional purposes (read this sentence with a gradually decreasing echo for dramatic effect!).  But seriously, there are many photos of the Stanley bridge available digitally over the internet.  However, the company (which reviewed the design and supervised the construction) wanted a 21st century look at a bridge which was constructed in the late 1990s. My focus was to get the usual photos of the bridge, as well as some creative new perspectives. I shot at dusk to enjoy the best light, and at night because the night seems to bring the bridge to life. Overall I was pleased with the results, as was the engineering firm. Here are a few from my favorites.

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The new beginning I started my career as a professional photographer and filmmaker over 5 years ago with a creative mindset.  I did not really have a genre of photography in mind.  I just wanted to create and love the infinite possibilities that an image capture device offers.  Over the years I’ve taken all sorts of gigs, anything that would feed that creative monster.  Then came 2020.  I used the slow down to review my portfolio, and was happy to find out that I had an amazing array of commercial grade material.  From high profile event coverage, to industrial site promotional films, I realized that I had some very good expertise to share with corporations and organizations.  During the pandemic, I set out on the tedious journey to reorganize my portfolio.  I’m excited to share with you my updated corporate and commercial photography website.  I hope that the content will encourage you and/or your business partners to get in touch and see how we can work together to visually enhance your brand and tell your story.  Below is a sample of my work.  You can find more at 

Dubai Marina ground improvement project


Industrial site documentation in Port Said, Egypt:


Professional portrait of the Consul General of Lebanon in Alexandria:


Canadian cellist and composer Julia Kent at a rehearsal at the Jesuits Cultural Center:


Retro studio fun at the 60th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Alexandria:


Fashion session for Vanity Beauty Lounge:


Fashion photo session for an accessories outlet:


Fashion and product session, and graphic design/concept for jewelry outlet:

Dubai Marina project promo video:

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The first birthday This is yet another family session very close to my heart.  The little one just celebrated his first birthday and the parents wanted to capture this milestone with a photo session outdoors.  At the time of the photo shoot my boy was turning one too.  I was already going through all the emotions associated with the first year of your first born - quite a significant event!  So it was very easy for me to connect with this family.  It was simply a blessed day, where the weather, the light, the mood, etc all worked in our favour!  In addition, the chemistry between parents and child, and overall creativity of the couple made for some interesting shots.  I just want to take a moment to thank this beautiful family for giving me the opportunity to capture and share this day with them.  The session took place in Montaza Park.  As some of you might have guessed, this is my favourite shooting location for its green pastures (sometimes yellow!), space, variety and sheer beauty.  Love and peace!


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The connection
I recently did a photo session for an amazing family that made me question a lot about myself as a photographer.  I'm usually nervous before a photo shoot.  I always thought that the butterflies in the stomach feeling was a good thing.  It shows that you are passionate about what's coming, but more importantly that you care, and are anxious about doing a perfect job.
For this family I knew I cared, but there was something special about them and I did not really know what it was.  Was it because it was my first time working with a family this size (3 toddlers)? Or because I was made aware that one of the kids was autistic?  Or simply because I felt connected to this family?  I mentally revisited all the other sessions that I did and uncovered that in all occasions, I was treating the job as far more than a photo session.  More than camera settings, more than taking the best angle.  It always started with a connection - the understanding that, although it was my nth session, this couple or family, is in front of my camera to offer a crucial slice of their life to their future.  This feeling is really what drives me and creates a heightened sense of responsibility.  I put myself in my subjects’ shoes, live that moment with them, get emotional with them, and subtly record these moments, hoping that one day, they will be able to remember and relive this day with their loved ones.
The challenge for this lovely family’s session was to get everyone in one frame. The little ones were very mobile…I mean VERY!  I was able to get some nice shots though.  However, I knew there was something more to this story.  I wanted to offer to the parents timeless images of their kids, peaceful captures of these bustling little beings.  Parents will relate, but most days are a blur of feeding, cleaning, running, shouting, etc. With 3 kids, I can only imagine what its like!  So my goal was to share tranquil moments of their little ones, by stopping the clock for the parents to “see" their precious ones in their angelic state.  I was very happy with the results and so was the family.  Thanks for stoping by :)
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